Arsenic and Old Lace

June 2019 Production

Vintage fun for sure, but Arsenic and Old Lace is still a very satisfying dark comedy.

Murder most foul, yes, but when the perps are such lovable little old spinster sisters? Add in a homicidal maniac brother who looks like Boris Karloff after too many face-changing surgeries from the submissive Dr. Einstein and another brother with a Delusional Disorder that convinces him he is President Teddy Roosevelt and the hapless elderly men the Brewster sisters cure of their hopeless loneliness by poisoning them with their home-made Elderberry wine….well, it is hard not to laugh, so don’t try.

While a hit on Broadway in 1941, Arsenic and Old Lace has become best known through the 1944 film adaptation starring Cary Grant as the relatively normal Mortimer Brewster.

Tickets online or at the door.

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